Dubai Tech gives you a single dedicated partner for all your IT helpdesk and IT support needs. We have designed our support packages to deliver excellent service quality with affordable prices while being flexible enough to meet the needs of all types of businesses. Our IT helpdesk services offer the best IT support in Dubai and across the UAE.

Dubai Tech offers very flexible and cost effective IT support packages for companies looking to simplify the way their staff receive IT support. You can choose any of our standard packages or we can tailor make a service package just for you.

We offer a number of different models and are sure to have one that suits your business

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The full support package provides end-to-end IT services with a flat fee that is suitable for business’s that require all-inclusive high quality proactive support yet want to minimise expenditure and avoid variable monthly costs.

This package provides all the key IT services a business needs, is entirely flexible and designed to grow with your business.

Features Include

  • All inclusive support
  • Free network and security audit
  • Remote and on site IT support
  • Maintenance/support of all desktops and servers
  • Maintenance/support of telephone system
  • Maintenance/support of all network devices
  • Maintenance/support of cctv and attendance system
  • Backup of important user data from PC’s and laptops
  • Highly experienced and dedicated team
  • Support request by phone and e-mail
  • Committed to SLAs and response time to provide quick and fast service
  • Latest support tools used to reduce the time it takes to fix a problem
  • Support for Apple hardware and operating system
  • Periodic remote maintenance on PC’s (antivirus, service pack, health check, etc.)

Although clients may have a requirement for comprehensive IT Support and advice, specific needs may vary greatly depending on the applications used, number of offices, mobility of the workforce, specific security requirements along with many other elements.

Dubai Tech recognise these factors and would be happy to meet you to understand your needs, analyse your requirement and put together the right package for your busines.

Many of our clients opt for a Tailor Made Support Package that fits their business needs more precisely.
We are able to provide you with both Bundle and Full Support models even with a tailor-made desktop IT support plan.

All Features Included

The bundle package is a reactive service which is suitable for business environments that require on-demand user support. A small monthly fee gives you access to the entire range of support services while ensuring you only pay for what you use.

All Features Included